Is Procrastination a Sin?

As I glance at the myriad of titles on my  self-help ladened book case, my eye continually returns to the neon orange covered tome I have yet to devour.  Granted, it has sat there in all its glory for eight years, survived three moves, two garage sales, and numerous book exchanges, without so much as the front cover being cracked open.  Its title tries to lure me in with the promise of freedom – better life, better sex, more money, all based on the these two words “Overcoming Procrastination”. 

I don’t really consider myself a true procrastinator – one who intentionally and habitually puts things off.   Habitually, yes; intentionally, no.  This blog was intended to be started 2010 with my dear friend Sandy and me but others things came up – work, family, Pepsi Refresh Challenge. And what I put off is usually not that critical – unless you call cleaning the house critical.  Its not like I am on the verge of discovering the cure for cancer and think,” Oh, not today.  I would rather watch Jeopardy!”

What I am on the verge of is discovering myself.  This may sound odd coming from someone of my age.  But I have never taken the time to investigate all that I am.  Those who follow the bible might say I am a sluggard or sinner.  Proverbs 27:1 says, “Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”  Procrastinators always assume that there will be a tomorrow to get the necessary job done.  The tragedies and mishaps that have befallen so many friends and relatives this past year let me know that today, this moment, this time, is all I may have. 

I have not “intentionally and habitually” put off reading the neon orange book.  Instead I have chosen to read countless marvelous other works over the past eight years.  Today, that book will be removed from my memory, my bookshelf and my home.  There is no longer the need to look outside my own heart to overcome any of my obstacles to joy.


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